Where to Start?

With so many different aspects of an application to Dental School to consider it can be difficult to know where to start. The following is a timeline of the important events in the application process:
Work Experience & Volunteering

Work experience and volunteering is best done as an ongoing process over the next year.

Ideally work experience should start as soon as possible however as long as the recommended amount is completed it can be at anytime.

Work Experience for more advice.
Uni Open Days

Check the Choosing a Dental School page to find out more about all the universities offering Dentistry then shortlist those that appeal to you most and organise to go and visit them on one or more of the many Open Days universities run throughout the year.
1st May -
3rd October

1st May - Registration Opens
1st July - Testing Begins
19th Sept. - Registration Closes
3rd Oct. - Last Testing Date

Requires at least 2 or 3 weeks for preparation.

For more details and tips see
Admissions Tests.
June -
Personal Statement

Start thinking about what you're going to put in your personal statement at the start of the summer and try to have it completed by the middle of September to be submitted when UCAS opens.

For advice and more details see
The Application page.

UCAS opens mid-September

Once UCAS is open and the application has been started start pursuing obtaining a reference. Give them at least a fortnight and be clear that it needs to be finished before the end of Septmeber.
15th October
UCAS deadline

15th October is the deadline for Dentistry applications.
5th November

1st September - Entry Open
15th October - Entry Closes
5th November - Exam takes place
26th November - results released

Admissions Tests covers more details.
November -

Depending on the university invitations to interview can be sent out as early as November.

The majority of interviews take place between January and March.

The Interview page for more details and advice.

Offers and rejections can be made a few weeks after interview but most tend to come around March.