UK Dental Schools

There are 16 UK dental schools and it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. The UCAS application allows 4 choices for dentistry and it is important that you choose somewhere that you will enjoy spending the next five years.

The three major factors likely to most affect your decision are:

  • the course - it's important to think about how you learn best and a format you'll enjoy, some courses are mostly PBL (problem based learning) with teaching taking place in small groups with an emphasis on you researching and finding information yourself while others are more traditional with most teaching via lectures;
  • the university, a campus university might appeal to some while a city to others, some universities may offer specific societies and activities and it's also important to consider the quality of the services such as the accommodation;
  • the area, due to the length of the course and the clinical teaching in local practices it is particularly important with dentistry to choose a university in a city or place that you think you will be comfortable and happy in.

Dental School Links

Click on the logos below to open links to the course details of each Dentistry course:
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  • Be sure to check the admissions website for the universities for the latest news.
  • The number in brackets following MMI denotes the number of MMI stations.